Winston O'Boogie (boristhespider) wrote in starrgazers,
Winston O'Boogie

Beatle blog update

Channel icon Just a reminder to all of you Beatle fans that my Beatle news blog is running strong with fresh daily content.  Here you'll find news, pictures, videos, and soon downloadable Beatle bootleg podcast!  Don't forget to check it's updated daily, or subscribe to my RSS feed.  I also trade some Beatle boots too!  

We have been up and running now for over 6 months, and have set out to be the definitive all-Beatles news blog!  Let us know what you think.

Drop me a line if you have any news stories you want me to add, want to talk trade, or simply talk about the fab four.

Find all of your Beatle news at:

Hot and fresh off the presses....don't forget to check out Sean Lennon's appearance on David Letterman which is now posted on the blog.
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